Hamamatsu: Creati ve City of Music


Becoming a global Creative City through the yaramaika spirit.

The phrase,“ yaramaika,” means,“ Let’s do it!” in the local dialect, and it expresses the temperament of Hamamatsu’s residents. These words show the progressive spirit of Creative City Hamamatsu: a city that has given rise to production technologies and corporations that have grown into global brands in the motorcycle, musical instrument, and light motor vehicle industries.

Hamamatsu is located between Tokyo and Osaka, the two largest metropolitan areas of Japan, and has long flourished as a base of interaction between eastern and western Japan. Hamamatsu has been a melting pot of different cultures, blending them with its own to create a culture with diverse range of traditions. In this way, Hamamatsu developed into both a city of manufacturing and a city of music.

Today, as the first UNESCO Creative City of Music in Asia, Hamamatsu continues to implement urban development utilizing its human resources and technologies, while taking steps toward the development of creative industries and cultural diversity. These cultural initiatives are based on five Basic Policies: promote international exchange through global music events, realize cross-cultural understanding and cultural diversity through music, nurture and exchange musical talent on an international level, make contributions as a renowned location for sound design, and produce fantasista, creators of new value.




Highly advanced manufacturing techniques help to create the musical instruments of Hamamatsu.  l  高いものづくり技術が支える浜松の楽器

The collection of the Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments includes 3,300 instruments from across the world   l  世界各国3,300 点を収蔵する浜松市楽器博物館

Becoming Asia’s Capital of Music

The Hamamatsu International Piano Competition was started in 19 91 to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the foundation of the city. Offering opportunities for young pianists to spread their wings, it is highly acclaimed both inside and outside Japan as a musical project that promotes global music culture and propels international exchange. Hamama tsu also takes part in music-based exchange with other cities through events such as t he Shizuoka International Opera Competition and Hamamatsu World Youth Music Festival. Hamamatsu explores the infinite potential of music through initiatives such as using cutting-edge technologies to create the music industry of the future and applications to fields including the environment and medical care.



Alexander Gadjiev, First Prize winner in the 9th Hamamatsu International Piano Competition  l  9回浜松国際ピアノコンクール 優勝者アレクサンデル・ガジェヴ

Electronic musical instruments produced by manufacturers within the city of Hamamatsu.  l  市内楽器メーカーが生み出す電子楽器

ACT City Hamamatsu  l アクトシティ浜松

Yaramaika Music Festival in Hamamatsu  l やらまいかミュージックフェスティバル in はままつ

Shizuoka International Opera Competition  l  静岡国際オペラコンクール

Kamoe Art Center  l  鴨江アートセンター

Traditional performing arts  l 伝統芸能

Promenade concert  l プロムナードコンサート

The Hamamatsu International Wind Instrument Academy  l 管楽器アカデミー

New Potential Born From Creativity

Local Industry × Creativity, City × Creativity

Artists participate in new attempts to pass down and popularize traditional, local industries. Various projects have been started that utilize the city’s creativity spanning multiple fields, exploring the limitless potential that is produced. These include new yukata robes combining silk screening with chusen, a dyeing method from Hamamatsu. There are also initiatives to transform urban spaces into places of creativity by using historical buildings as art spaces, turning the rooftops of unused buildings into camps for talks, workshops and other events.





Hamamatsu is in Shizuoka Prefecture, the area known for Mount Fuji, and it is surrounded by diverse landscapes, with the Akaishi Mountains to the north, the Tenryu River to the east, the Enshu Coast to the south, and Lake Hamana to the west. People and goods have interacted in this re gion since ancient times, producing a free environment and autonomous, independent character that accepts cultures and talent from other regions. Hamamatsu has developed as a city of manufactu ring where world-renowned musical instrument manufacturers are based, including Yamaha Corporation; Kawai Musical Instruments Mfg. Co., Ltd.; and Roland Corporation. Hamamatsu was designated as the first UNESCO City of Music in Asia in December 2014.

URL: http://www.creative-hamamatsu.jp